Post-Procedure Instructions

Post-Procedure Instructions

Food and Drink:

It’s ok to eat and drink as soon as desired

Injection Site:

Do not apply ice for the first 2 weeks after the procedure, only heat.

Keep the wound clean, dry and covered for 12-24 hours after the procedure. Ok to shower at any time

Call the doctor’s office if you start developing significant drainage, bleeding or fever over 101.5F or 38.6C.


Hold on taking NSAIDS, Statin medications and H2 Blockers (PPI medications) for 4 weeks after the procedure or regular strength aspirin (ok for baby aspirin).


Ask your doctor when it is ok to start re-taking any blood thinners you normally take. Check with your doctorregarding questions about any other medication questions.


For pain – ok to take Tylenol according to the manufacturers recommended dosing. If your physician prescribespain medication, defer to the included instructions.


Hold off on taking statins (e.g. Lipitor) or H2 Blockers (e.g. Zantac) for 4 weeks. Then restart as normal.

General Instructions:

If your procedure involves sedation you MUST have a driver. The only exception is Special Transit Services(STS)

Only heat should be applied and not ice. Talk to your physician about any recommended bracing and physicaltherapy necessary.

Do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery 24 hours after you have received sedation.

Pain relief may occur immediately after the procedure, but may also take several days. A few days of sorenessafter the procedure are normal. Some procedures may take several days to a couple weeks to effectively relieve pain.

Do not use NSAIDS for 2 weeks after the procedure. Check with your physician about when to resumeanticoagulants

Notify the office if you have a fever (body temperature of 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit or higher) or excessivedrainage from the procedure site.

Activity – See the table below

Time After Procedure

Activity Recommendations

0-3 days

  • Rest as much as possible.

  • Day to day activities OK.

  • No excessive exercise or weight training.

  • No deep tissue massage.

4 days to 2 weeks

  • Day to day activities OK.

  • Range of motion stretching OK.

  • No excessive exercise

  •  No deep tissue massage.

2-4 weeks

  • Weight training with low weight acceptable

  • Trigger point massage OK.

  • Light aerobic exercise.

4 weeks

  • May resume normal exercise activities.