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The Best Regenerative Medicine Centers Nationwide

R3 Stem Cell cares most about one thing, and this is improving your quality of life with safe and effective regenerative therapies at the most cost effective pricing available. Whether that means helping you to walk farther, play more with the grandkids, breathe easier, move without pain, have increased energy, or be able to compete in sports at a higher level, our Centers of Excellence have been achieving that goal for patients over the past nine years with 16,000 stem cell procedures.

Receive a joint procedure with 10 million stem cells for only $2495 ALL INCLUSIVE. Schedule your FREE Phone Consultation today by clicking HERE.

You want to avoid surgery right? Whether that’s a joint replacement, knee scope, rotator cuff repair, etc, all surgery has potential complications that may be life altering. We may be able to help you AVOID SURGERY with a stem cell injection that negates down time, hospitalization and a lengthy rehab.

In reaching the goal of improving your life, our Centers have performed over 21,000 successful regenerative procedures with growth factors, stem cells, cytokines, exosomes, secretomes and microRNA. R3 Stem Cell’s Centers undergo special training and offer customized procedures depending on each patient’s ailment. There are over fifteen protocols used depending on what will work best for you. Most “stem cell centers” only have one because they really don’t know any better!

We have hundreds of hours of success stories ranging from grandmothers to executives, students, celebrities, manual laborers, world record holder athletes and kids too. 

You only get one body for one lifetime. We all invest continuously in things like our vehicles and homes, when was the last time you invested in yourself? A regenerative procedure investment may pay off continuously by helping you achieve things you USED to be able to do and now can’t. Doesn’t it get old saying to friends, pets and grandkids, “Sorry I can’t do that anymore.”

What’s the one thing you cannot do now compared to five years ago? Whether it’s play a sport, enjoy social activities or just not be in pain and out of breath at the grocery store! Imagine yourself being able to do those activities with increased energy and less pain with no downtime, drugs or risks of surgery. That is what regenerative therapy may do for you. Our Centers offer stem cell biologics that are VERY active and have no risk of rejection in your body.

All of our Centers of Excellence offer a free consultation. Find out if you or a loved one is a candidate for stem cell therapy (not everyone is). At our nationwide Centers, we are very specific with patient selection. If a regenerative procedure is most likely not going to benefit, our providers will tell you up front!

Receive a joint procedure with 10 million stem cells for only $2495 ALL INCLUSIVE. Schedule your FREE Phone Consultation today by clicking HERE.